Dawn of a New Day

Psalm 65:8 They who dwell in the ends of the earth stand in awe of Your signs;
You make the dawn and the sunset shout for joy.



My reference photo

I decided to not go as dark as the reference photo this time around, I might try it out again later but for now I wanted to focus on the light.

As I have taken time off to contemplate where and what and why of my painting, I have learned quite a few things about myself and of my approach to my particular style of painting. I don’t plan on making my posts as long as I have in the past, but rather a thought or two or something that really stands out within me. Who knows I might talk your ear off!

This particular painting has been a work in progress for several weeks and I struggled with getting it right. I have found that “getting it right” sometimes is merely allowing myself to be pulled along in the creative process. It is not making it like any other artists’ work or the work that I admire. It is ultimately about me, my style and what I want to say.

I truly believe that painting is not to be rushed, especially studio work. Even with the plein air work, I am hoping to slow down to capture what I see. I had a few scrapes trying to get this painting to say what I wanted and the more I pushed it, the more frustrated I got. Then today it was a matter of trusting the process and being carried along creatively. The scripture in Psalm 65 speaking of dawn and sunset came to mind. All things have its’ cycles and place in time and I think that includes being creative.


41 thoughts on “Dawn of a New Day

  1. I like the scripture verse you included Margaret. The sunlight streaming through the trees in your painting is glorious and reminds me of the beauty found in the woods. Thank you for sharing your talent. I find this painting to be very uplifting. 🙂

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  2. Oh Margaret! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your painting! Thank you so much for sharing! I love your painting so much more than the photo! I love your interpretation, I love the light, your feelings expressed! You are such a gifted artist! Magnifico!

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  3. Wow! This is a beautiful rendering of what I have found a very, very difficult subject. You handled it superbly. I initially thought it was an invented landscape – reading first the verse and scrolling down to the painting. It seemed like the painting was a perfect accompaniment of the verse. I think your emotional state and spiritual resonance with the verse shines through in this painting. On a more practical note I am also really drawn to the subtle, beautiful calmer cool grey of the foreground. Great painting.

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    1. Thank you Fritz. I didn’t take the time to mention that I painted intuitively with this painting but perhaps I didn’t have to explain it. I am beginning to move into that naturally and I am assuming that people are catching on. Boy, it is late for me, my thoughts are not sharp. I spent the last hour trying to capture the moon, yep….traipsing outside in the dark in my night clothes trying to get some shots of the moon!


  4. I like the light beams and light coming in through the trees, nicely done, but the trees on the left look a bit of an afterthought. They don’t look anchored. I think you could bring in more darks here and lose the bottom of the trunks. I know you were trying to avoid too much dark, but after all, it’s the darks that give you the light.

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    1. Those trees on the left were purposely painted that way because I wanted it to “fade out”. I agree the bottoms of the trunks should be soften, I will definitely do that. I am aware that normally it is the darks that usually make the light stand out but in this case I am showing that it is the light itself is the star. I chose not to bring in the darks and for some reason, though you may not see it, the light comes through as simply radiant light. I plan on doing more paintings of this motive and I will go dark in future paintings. But in this painting I am allowing just the light to be the focus and nothing more. You might say it is more of a spiritual depiction rather than a straight forward painting of light. I hope that I explained that well enough.


  5. Beautiful painting Margaret! So evocative and a wonderful portrayal iof light, I particularly like how you’ve captured the shafts of light streaming through – I might need to ask how you did these in fact as I have something similar in mind! Great work – you should be delighted!

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    1. Thank you John…..I am going to do a post sometime about my process and I don’t mean necessarily the techanical part but rather painting by intuition. I started those shafts of light following the photo and then my intuition took over. I think that is the key to having a painting have some life of its own. I can’t wait to see what you have in mind. Thank you again, I always know when you comment, it is special.


    1. Thank you Aletha, I agree. A lot of my frustration is not allowing that flow or the creative me to come shining through. Being intuitive is very important for me. I need to talk more about the creative process in my posts because it has been a break through for me.

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  6. This is so very beautiful, Margaret! I like the way you’ve “faded out” those trees and let the light take center stage. The colors are glorious, and the painting is a perfect illustration of the scripture. I definitely like your interpretation of the scene much better than the original reference photo. 🙂

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  7. perfect verse – perfect watercolor that conveys the feeling! I do love this M 🙂 btw, I’ve not been much on the computer so I missed your post here, til now. sorry. Things will be hit and miss with me like this for a month or two. my knee/hip giving my grief & have to get hip repaired in 2 weeks. not sure my WP will go. anyway I wanted to say I LOVED this Post. the scripture is marvellous! As is your painting your River Friend! 🙂

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    1. Aww….no worries. So sorry about your knee and hip problems 😦 now I need to be thinking of you and praying for you, how’s that? now for a smiley face 🙂 I’ll email you soon. Thank you for your comments and yes, that scripture was perfect, kind of came together naturally. 🙂 Merry Christmas once again!

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      1. I’ve been calling ‘pain’ a minion of the dark! (lol) and yep, prayers are cool – thanks!
        so do you think, that once in awhile you might be including a verse? I’d vote yes, (of course) 🙂
        email me!! YRF

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      2. I definitely will as the spirit leads, after all my painting is truly about the Spiritual and my faith and the scripture should be going hand in hand. Oh no….minion of the dark….hmm…. that kind of pain 😦 darn, I totally get it when you say it that way. I will try to email you once Christmas is over or who knows I might drop you a line as I get the chance. Blessings…..YRF 😉

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