I’m Back!


P1140390 (2).JPG
Foggy November Morning

After taking an entire month off from blogging, I am ready to come back, slowly that is. I found that I enjoyed having some time away from the pressure of blogging. I think that I have a sensible plan on how to proceed in my coming months of blogging. First of all I am thinking that sometimes I push paintings  to a finish in order to post them. I will not be doing that, so you’ll see that I’ll post not as often. December will be an easy going month in regards to my getting back to blogging, in other words, I am treating the month as a semi retreat.

These are some of the paintings that I worked on this past month. Some of either close to finishing or needing more work. I really have learned that I am not going to push paintings to a finish as I have in the past. I can’t entirely blame this bad habit on blogging but my insistence that I have to have an end product…now!

P1140162 (2).JPG


I enjoyed working on these in the studio I had a few problems here and there but isn’t that pretty normal?


Semi-abstract of oak trees along the North Yuba Trail


Reflection at Little Bear Lake 

I have quite a bit of work yet to do with this one, a wip and that’s alright.




Trees on the Bear Lakes Trail


wip semi-abstract of mossy trees


wip of the North Yuba


wip of mossy trees on the Bear Lakes loop trail

The above painting is about 30% washed out, the colors are far more vivid than they appear in this photo

Now for some abstracts! Below:


Abstract #1


abstract #2
I had a bit of trouble trying to get this post put together, I was hoping to number the paintings but WP is acting a little odd and as I tried to number them, it was really messing up my layout. I will upload this before I lose it!





















32 thoughts on “I’m Back!

  1. It’s nice to have you back. I totally relate. I used to blog a lot. I love writing and I love posting things, but it can get to be a slog striving to keep it new. So much better to just be real!

    I love these watercolors. I love the wavy vertical and horizontal (ish) bands of the first one and its complementary colors. The soft, fused light, like a glare of light passing through the trees, is most lovely. The one below it also, which appears smaller online, “semi abstract of oaks” is also a favorite. Love the zigzag of forms on the ground and the delicate character of the light. It’s a stunner.

    Beautiful “lightening” in Little Bear Lake and great feeling of timelessness in the enormous rock and the dreamy blurred water. Just below that one — the bands of tree trunks and the fuzzy water has a great feeling of daylight and tranquility and quiet stillness.

    Foggy trees of Bear Lakes Trail is enchanting. And the semi-abstract of mossy trees is another favorite. The colors and haphazard are so true in feeling to certain moments in the woods in strong light..

    And on and on. You’ve done so much painting. Really love seeing them. Glad that you found refreshment in just painting and being focused. But also, again, it’s great to have you back and to see these marvelous pictures!!

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    1. Thank you so much Aletha, I loved hearing your feedback on these paintings. I will assess each one over a matter of time and figure out what if anything I should do with them. I wished that I could have numbered them to help with the discussion but for reason every time I tried, it messed things up. whew! I will post as I feel up to the task, keeping it real as you say. 🙂


  2. very very pleased to see you back. I’m glad you’re going to take it easy. That, is a wise and most sensible way to approach WP. I may try to emulate that, in fact.
    your art works are lovely, the wip I find enchanting as well! 🙂 happy to see you!

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  3. Welcome back Margaret, so pleased your break was constructive. I really understand the pressure thing, and finish to post. I really find that these days I just paint what I normally would, then post when finished, it could be one a day if I have a few on the go, it could be once a fortnight, no self pressure though ( we’ll sort of)! I have not posted in ages, but have been painting, ( mass production of Christmas cards all individually painted, nearly done, thank goodness 😀) I adore your paintings especially 1&5 the light captured softly coming though the trees, onto the forest floor, it just sings to my heart.

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  4. Good morning Margaret – lovely to see you back here. Wow…there’s some stunning work here, and yes we do not have to finish paintings in order to show them. I find, and I can see you do to, that working on several pieces at the same time helps enormously with this issue. It prevents the overdoing of work and not stopping when it might be the best time! All the images shown here have merit….and I love the fact that we can see how your mind is working. I particularly like the juxtaposition of The Bear Lake Trail and Semi abstract Mossy trees….those two images speak volumes about some of the different ways to explore a subject. I also like the abstracts…and the fact that we never know quite where they will lead……….Enjoy a lovely and creative weekend…janet:)

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  5. I do notice quite a few bloggers being overwhelmed by the practice. Perhaps I do this for a different reason than many. I like to post on a regular basis, but if I have nothing then I post nothing. It does, though, drive me to complete something which otherwise I might have left drift.
    There are times when I have a number of images to post, but I may only put out one, two or three at the very most and have something in reserve for the next post. It then allows you to work on bigger projects but keeps up your blogging output and takes the pressure off you.
    Nice to see you back, Margaret.

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