Beginning of the Beginning


Shenanigan Flat plein air from August

I thought that I would post a few of my favorite watercolor paintings from the past 5 months. I started this amazing journey delving seriously into learning this wonderful medium and to discover my particular style. I wanted to include the painting above because I feel that it depicts where I want to be in watercolor. Of course this painting only shows a smidge of the style that I envision.


A semi-abstract of several madrone trees in my backyard has been an adventure of sorts. Finding my way around abstraction, loosing up and learning not to be so critical of myself in having a “perfect” painting.

plein air from 2014 on Wallis paper
      My past has been solidly planted in soft pastel for approximately 17 years. The above painting is one that I wasn’t too sure about at completion because of the looseness but now I see it as being perfect because it is loose.
     As you can see, I have come a long ways and have even further to go, I believe that the artist life is very complex and a never-ending journey. If you have been following my blogging here on WordPress, you learned from my last post that I am stepping away during the month of November to give myself a breather. In actuality I found that I was delving deep into an area that I have visited many times before which I feel goes against my creative striving.
     I am aware of this being normal for a creative, but in my case there is a portion that is solidly based upon my childhood and wounds that have occurred. My hope and plan is to focus on how to bounce back quicker with less stress. I also am wanting to put to rest the need for validation and hopefully to leave behind a large portion of my harsh self criticism.
     When I had originally thought of taking a month off, I was questioning if it was something that I should do, when I ran across a post by a fellow blogger that tied right into what I have contemplating about, I knew it was a confirmation.
      I am a very positive person who has great hope for my art and what I can learn from pursuing being creative. I could touch upon a lot in this post but it would be too lengthy and you all be yawning and ready for this post to end. I do believe that when I do come back in December, I plan on blogging more about the creative life (and struggles) in addition to my art adventures.
     While I am on my leave of absence, I will be working more on a painting that is meditative Intuitive Painting-Psalm 65 If you want to snoop into the conversation regarding this planned absence, I suggest that you read the comments in this post  Fall on the North Yuba. Goodness, it is about time I end this and post it. I will be come back and keep an eye on the feed, until then….happy creating!


53 thoughts on “Beginning of the Beginning

  1. I have stepped away from blogging a number of times for a length of time and each time it is hard to get back into the routine again but also wonderful to feel restored and ready to share again. I find your art and creative knowing a wonderful complement to one another and enjoy each of your posts. Not sure if you have read Elizabeth Gilbert’s book, Big Magic but it ties in with the “struggle” and inner-work that carefully aligns a creative heart. I highly recommend it. The Love Warrior is next on my reading list, not by Gilbert but I’ve heard remarkable things about it and find the continual hunger for growth within offers me to be more creative and in more widely reaching ways. Enjoy your time within and I look forward to reading and seeing your beautiful art when you are ready to share again.

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  2. my dear Miss M, restoration is such a vital element for us, so the time you spend away shall be blessed time. I do think i’d given u my email + there is FB 🙂 if, you had queries on any ….. well, art paints, papers, stuff… I’m always so happy, to talk to you!!! hugs. your river friend 🙂

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  3. ❤️❤️However long it takes, I will miss the river, but I know it is still there, art is just like your river, sometimes it is gently meandering along, other times it thrusts into a frenzy, on occasions it gets stuck and finds a new direction, trees fall and the water finds ways to get back on track. On occasions it floods, so much abundant water. Then there is the waterfall….a drop maybe, but soon the water finds itself back on a new path, or in a beautiful still pool. ❤️❤️ Ride the river, you can’t stop it, take some time to see where it takes you….one thing is for sure, I don’t think your river has dried up…and even those rivers refill eventually. 😀😀

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    1. Oh My Word! This is such a lovely comment, pure poetry Rebecca, I do believe that you truly get it! I couldn’t have expressed it ever close to the spirit and heart as you have. I am going to copy what you wrote down on and put it where I can see it and read it often. Thank you for that dear heart! ❤

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  4. These are lovely paintings Margaret. I’m going to miss the enjoyment of reading about and seeing your paintings in November but I understand the need for taking a step away sometimes. I do hope you get all you need out of it 🙂 God Bless. ♥ [hugzies]

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  5. Well – who could say it better than Becky! I second and third and fourth it – though could have never expressed it so eloquently! Hope you keep in touch, and also hope you enjoy your break. Can’t wait to what the future holds after your break! Hugs from Mars Margaret!!!!

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  6. Hope you have a wonderful and refreshing break, Margaret! 💕😃 It’s been such a thrill joining you on your watercolor journey. You’re amazingly talented! But totally get the need for a break! I’ll anxiously await your return though, because I’m a super big fan of your work!!! Much love!

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  7. Good morning Margaret….a fine post with some beautiful paintings, especially the first one which is quite luscious. I can relate to so much of what you say….and think it’s an excellent idea to take time out…I do it quite often – I call it ‘cleansing my mental palette’. It’s very therapeutic and always contributes positively towards my work. During this breaks, I write, walk, go to galleries, etc. feed my soul in different ways.

    Have a beautiful month, and I will look forward very much to seeing how your work responds in December.


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  8. Margaret, something’s wrong with WP and your comments getting through! I’ll look on my end, but I did get a 404 not found when i tried looking at your blog. will try to figure out whats up, check your end too 🙂 silly computers. 😦

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    1. I feel so honored by your nomination but since I am taking an absence from blogging this month, I just can’t do it at this time. I might be taking December off as well for some good artistic R & R. I would love to participate but unfortunately at this time I have to pass on it. I truly appreciate it though 🙂 God Bless!

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  9. Hi Margaret! I understand the need for a blogging break! I think it’s good to take a step back now and again reflecting on art and life! 🙂 I haven’t had much time to work on pastels. I love the one you posted here. I wish you a restful November. I will be looking forward to your return in December. Keep creating, friend! 🙂

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  10. I hear you, Margaret. I plan to keep posted. It’s hard to be a blogger and an artist at times. I used to feel the need to follow all of my followers blogs and comment and like it all. But for a few months, I had to pull back because it was exhausting and now I just get to the blogs and people who comment whenever I can without pressure and you know what? Over that period of time, I gained more followers to my blog than ever. It’s not always a reciprocal thing (like, be like, comment, get comments). It depends on where you want to focus your energies and how much you can devote to each aspect. I prefer to now move forward with my artwork to the next phase. I know you will too! Enjoy the journey! Your work is inspiring, as is your journey.

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    1. Yes I have been going through that right now. I have particular people who I connect with, like or comment. And these are the ones that enrich my blogging/artist life, modern life with on-line surfing is exhausting! Thank you for your comments 🙂


  11. Yes, sometimes we do need to step away. Having just returned now from my own blogging hiatus, I know how important it is that we take time for ourselves when needed…and how enjoyable it is to return when the time is right. Best wishes, Margaret! I love the art you shared in this post.

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