Pastel on Watercolor Delight


the end product of a fun experiment
I am dealing with a headache since last night but didn’t stop me from getting into the art studio to paint. I wish that my photo showed this painting better but oh well, imagine that orange color being a rich sunflower color and that blue in the background darker than it would almost be correct. My camera lately has been making my blues appear too high of a chroma, so keep that in mind. The color on the water section looks thick and heavy in this photo but it is just fine when I look at the painting.
close-up of one of the bushes
The original plein air watercolor

I had a blogger suggest that I darken the background of this painting and I did though I decided to go ahead and turn it into a watercolor to pastel painting. Sure I could had gone darker in the shadows but I didn’t want to fuss with it too much but focus on the light and the gorgeous yellows and golds. I punched up the color than what I saw in reality.


My reference photo

Looking at that photo and comparing what I ended up with,  I could probably could have worked on the water more but to me the focus was on the rocks and bushes. Oh but look at that water!! Oh well, perhaps another time. My last experiment with this idea of putting pastel on top of a watercolor didn’t go as planned and it was mostly a pastel painting. Pastel of Goose Lake

I probably rushed this painting but I feel that I wanted to have a go at it and see what happens. I might go back and tweek it a bit more and then again, I might leave it alone.

*A word about photos. The photos on my blog are mine, taken by me and copying them would be stealing from me. If you find a photo that you would like to copy or use, I request that you ask me for permission and I expect you to give me full credit for my own photo. Thank you so very much.



11 thoughts on “Pastel on Watercolor Delight

  1. Oh poor you suffering with a headache, I get the damn things too, and I am impressed you managed to get Somme art done. I love the colours that your camera shows, the colours work so well together, I do love the rich tones from pastel, so pure ❤️❤️. That photo of yours really captured a beautiful moment, the reflection is stunning……go away headaches!!!

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  2. Lovely, lovely, reference, Margaret – it’s good to experiment with such things and also, go back later and revisit.I really like what you did with the water in the watercolor painting! Maybe you will revisit this in Acrylic???

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