Studio Piece of Shenanigan Flat


work in progress
While it has been raining very hard and Fridays are usually my plein air day, I am stuck in the studio. I started this painting over a week ago and I initially liked how it started out loose but now I am bringing it up to the correct depth and while doing this, I feel that I am going too tight.
I am undecided if it has enough impact, truthfully I can’t tell. I am the type of person who loves impact and strong lighting. I don’t want to fiddle this to death and I am already thinking that I have. Not sure where to proceed from here. Any ideas folks? I think that it isn’t helping that I am feeling antsy and wanting to be outside so my attitude is veering towards frustration. I won’t be touching this until I have some feedback and also when I have fresh eyes and a better attitude.



40 thoughts on “Studio Piece of Shenanigan Flat

  1. It’s all quite grand. All I can think of is that the rock at center looks a bit like steps, with waterfall ? Maybe blend a little so it’s not so “step-like.” That’s the only thing I can say. Your lights and darks and mid-tones are handled tremendously.

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    1. you are right….even though that rock is like that in reality it might not work in the painting as is and wondering if it draws the eye away being like steps, good eye! …..I think that I’ll work it to where I can break those steps up. Thank you! Exactly what I needed. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I’m glad it was helpful. I was hoping it would be. I think the changes you make to blend it, soften it, definite it differently will make a tremendous difference in the overall satisfaction with your piece. The placement of the rock is so focal ~ and artistic license is good to use here. Sometimes it takes another’s eye and you were wise to ask for comments in that vein. ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. lol well, that blue sky is suppose to be the misty slopes of fir trees….but….either way it really doesn’t matter, as long as the light coming through is there. I was afraid to bring out the trees too much because it would come forward….what do you think? oh, thank you by the way. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  2. Good advice as above, only small wreaks otherwise you could over do it….I love the sky and trees, really beautiful, the foreground I think looks better left as is, you have done a great job if that’s a frustrating mood? But I get how you felt annoyed due to being stuck in doors, free spirit in you felt trapped? โค๏ธ

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    1. oopsy so that blue sky is really a big drop of forest….Jill also saw it as sky….do you think that I should emphasize the trees more? I was afraid that it would mess up with what was going on in the middle ground. I should had posted my reference photo….kind of good to do without because people see it for what it is. I only worked on it minimally while in a frustrated mood, thank goodness! otherwise, it would be ruined I think. lol one of those days. Fridays are usually my day for plein air painting but I have to do some studio work now and then. lol

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  3. stop!!
    great depth and recession in this painting right now! good design. leading the eye in and through. the water has good tonal variations. stop. put on the wall for 2-3-8 days.
    then – if/when you know precisely what brush stroke is going to Enhance this painting – then you do that. and Stop. this is a Wonderful Painting M!

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      1. on the wall for a week. look, take notes, don’t touch. Clarify the Decision. then Do. and, the only thing I’d say is to just make sure your EDGES get softened in the correct spots. tops stay sharp. bottoms soften. and the sides a little soft. ie 1/3 hard edge TOP 2/3 soft edges around the Bottom. this is a good pattern to follow for A Lot of things!!!

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  4. Beautiful painting Margaret. It stopped me dead in my tracks as I scrolled through the reader. Follow Debi’s advice and stop now!!! I read in an artist interview once that one should stop at the very first thought of stopping. I seldom follow that advice, but when I did I have never been sorry (but the opposite happens all the time, when I end up with a tired and overworked image that looks like a fuzzy photo!).

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  5. I love it the way it is Margaret. I feel at this point doing anything more might do more harm than good. I see the rock in the fore has a more angular look to it but thats not strange as this occurs organically in the natural environment as well. You could try rounding it a bit but again I say I love it as is and I believe it adds interest – changing it might inspire perfectionistic fiddling I think. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. I thought it looked like watercolor. I can offer no suggestions as I don’t work with watercolor, but I will say the foreground, middle ground, and background feel/appear very distinct from one another. It is a lovely piece, and I’m not suggesting that you change anything. It should be a reflection of what you see. ๐Ÿ˜Š

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