Goose Lake in Sierra County


My scene-Goose Lake

My daughter and I and her dog took a hike up at where I had gone before Bear Lakes Loop- World Watercolor Month #2 but instead of taking the fork that proceeded onto the Bear lakes I wanted to explore the loop that goes to Round Lake. To shorten this story, we ended up hiking up a mountain and went “around” Round Lake. We headed back and I painted at Goose Lake along Lakes Basin Recreational area.


painting #1 on Saunders 200# 7 x 9 inches

My warm-up went better than I thought it  would being it was my first one. I used a flat rather than my usual squirrel mop. I love to abstract my paintings, you can see it in this one especially with the foreground rocks and the trees in the background.


painting #2 on Saunders 200# 7 x 9 inches

I could for the life of me to get my photo to marry up with the correct yellow in my painting. It is not as acid yellow and blotchy as you see here. I struggled at first with this and it wasn’t until later that it grew on me. I don’t know what it is but today I fought with the painting process,  I wanted my painting to go a certain way and when I do this, I get either frustrated or doubtful and I was doing both this time around.


painting #3 on Arches 300# 7 x 9 inches

While trying to edit this photo, I lost the wonderful warmth of the middle part of that headland but know that it is a warm yellow/red color. I initially didn’t like how muddy the water looked in this painting but truthfully that is how dark it looked when the wind wasn’t whipping up the water. In a way this lake and the surrounding area reminded me of the marshlands of Alabama.


On the trail to Round Lake


Fall colors in this alpine area

I might try to hike out to the Bear Lakes in a couple of weeks to try to paint once again, we’ll see if the weather holds out.

Learning Points:

  • Trust the painting process, be willing to let go and not control every aspect of the painting journey.
  • Push the fear and doubt that rises up while painting, it gets in the way of creativity.
  • Don’t judge while painting, the critical kind of judging, that is.

Rain is in the forecast for the next three days which means I won’t be able to get out and plein air paint. Next Wednesday will be clear and I have plans to paint. Get out there and see and experience nature, you will not be disappointed.



*A word about photos. The photos on my blog are mine, taken by me and copying them would be stealing from me. If you find a photo that you would like to copy or use, I request that you ask me for permission and I expect you to give me full credit for my own photo. Thank you so very much.








23 thoughts on “Goose Lake in Sierra County

  1. very exciting Margaret! colors, trees, water! oh my 🙂 it just Looks, like fine fun. I note a wonderful depth, and tonal variation in your Background trees – that is awesome. some are paler and cooler… some darker. it helps the eye travel, well Done! I see your name too lol…. very good,
    Next… is do you have a Photo editing program that lets you do Text onto your photo? you can itunes/app or download and get one, it will then let you put your name, website info ON the image. thats what i just started to do with the last couple.
    at any rate – your name is Now on the images yay !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. yep….I did it the silly old fashioned way I need to locate an app, that is where I’ll get my husband to help me. Thank you for your comments, I had a bit of a “love it hate it” I am not sure why, I think that in my mind people won’t understand the abstractness of my paintings and de-value them. What does it matter anyway? but sometimes it hits me square between the eyes. sigh…..some day!


    1. thank you…..I am finding that I go through quin. Gold quicker than my blues! ha….that tells you something. By painting #3 I was beyond the restraint and fear and just letting loose but we had to get back otherwise I would have gone on for a couple more paintings.

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  2. I love the paintings here Margaret! Your style always has so much life and energy to it. Simply inspiring. And your photos are just as good! I’ve never mentioned this but I think you have a great eye for photography as well (I never really looked at them as art before – just simply reference shots, but they’re actually pretty great! ^_^)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you! your comments truly warms my heart. I do treat my “reference” photos as art. I’ll take up to 400 or more depending on the subject or area and eliminate a lot to get to the ones that are suitable or just right. Photography is definitely art. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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