Daniel Smith Cobalt Teal Blue and Co.

CTB and Hematite

I did a little experimentation with Daniel Smith’s Cobalt Teal Blue with a few colors and I hope these swatches does the job. I must be in a very picky mood because I was trying for the perfect angle and color swatch, oh my goodness!

CBT and Hematite

Debi Riley was interested in what I discovered and wished that I got a better representation of Lunar Blue and CBT together, I tried but I am not sure if it really shows off the beautiful combination.

CTB and Lunar Blue

I laid down the heavier granulating colors which are Lunar Blue and Hematite and then the CTB, I think that they float together quite well. I have to admit that I am more partial to Hematite mixture the most. I do need to get more of that color, one of my favorites. Then I tried DS Quin. Red and it was beautiful! I couldn’t get a good photo but I must say….wow! Take my word for it.

That’s all folks! I hope to get back into the swing of things soon. I have a sudden picky mood come on, not the depressing kind, more of a quiet contemplative kind. Whatever that means, no clue. Just a few days break is in order.

16 thoughts on “Daniel Smith Cobalt Teal Blue and Co.

  1. wonderful Margaret!! great explorations and *magical Discoveries!!
    so, now I know! thank you very much for that 🙂
    the 2nd pic with CTB and hematite…. shows the snippet at the bottom and it looks almost like a creek all by itself. I like this combination quite abit. hmmm I have hematite….. you KNOW, I have CTB. Cheers, Debi

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