Faded Roses-abstract

on Saunders 200# 11 x 14 inches

I didn’t feel like working on my current studio painting of the river, wanting to leave that for another special day of painting. I had a vase of red roses that were dried up left over from my birthday and I thought I would use them as inspiration. The reds are darker and richer than you see in the photo, a nice kind of pop.

Do you see roses in this? I don’t either, but does it really matter? I used them as a kicking off point and it is alright that they didn’t make an appearance, their “scent” is in there somewhere.

I am undecided if this is finished or not and wondering if my addition of the green curly cue shapes are a hit or miss. I am not liking them too well. I might give it some thought and see if I need to continue or flip it over and paint on the other side. I really detest the ones at the bottom center. I am thinking if I were to go in and do something about thoseΒ shapes, that I’ll mess it up.

One of my favorite parts in the painting

Learning Points:

  • Short and sweet….have fun!



27 thoughts on “Faded Roses-abstract

  1. Oh, Margaret. I just had to come in here and check on your paintings. You are flying high, my friend!!! Honestly, you must be feeling great about your work; your joy is shining through in your paintings. Keep flinging that wonderful inspiration, my friend, we can all use it!! ❀ I can't even choose a favorite from the past three days. All are wonderful. So much light and I just love your colors, these guys are all blooming. Just wonderful. You are Blessed, Big Sis!!!

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      1. Yay for paint flinging! Blick just got back to me re my site, long story but I’ve had several ppl tell me about orders that I had no record for, they finally had google analytics look at it and found a problem so I have to go back to their comm tracking people and see what they can do….argh. I’ve done too much work to get setup for that to forget it all now but if I knew then what I know now…anyway. Just an FYI. You do make me v curious about different papers, I thought Arches was “it” for me, but you’ve helped me see that there are many others besides. I did place an order for some different ones but Ive still not tried many of the different ones. One sheet of paper lasts me much longer than it lasts you, you are a painting beast!!! I love hearing about your experiences with diff papers; it’s really helpful!! Glad to see you flinging paint with so much gusto and such lovely results!

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      2. Oh too bad about your DB order problem. I think that I placed at least two more, if you need the dates or info, let me know. As to paper, well, put it this way, Arches is the last one I reach for or if I had inadvertently put some on my board, I have a disappointed feeling deep inside. I am finding that I want to use them only for my small 7 x 9 inch warm-ups for plein air. They are slipping down as though they are the lesser thans. lol I can’t wait to hear what you think of Saunders or Fab. I am wanting to branch out even more so, like to Bockingford, I think it is.


    1. thank you! It was fun to paint, that is for sure. The only stressful part was using up yet more of my paper supply. I have to make it last until I can get more. I might have to scour for failed paintings and steal them to re-paint. So, this in mind, I was a tad stressed. lol not bad though!

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  2. Oh, I don’t know, I like them. However, I like the crop you made a lot too. One of the advantages I discovered by accident with watercolors is that you can simply cut a painting down if there is a part you don’t like. πŸ™‚ Or, as you say, flip it over and paint the other side. I do that with my pen and ink drawings if I mess up.

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    1. I like that idea….what I think I will do is crop all possibilities looking for the best one, I am truly not convinced that as a whole, it works. Or as you suggested, work with it….hmm, I am not going to keep it as a painting if I am not convinced, and then I have the other side to paint, always a plus, especially when my paper is in precious supply right now. πŸ™‚ thank you for your input.


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