North Yuba River-Shenanigan Flat

Painting #1 on Saunders #200 7 x 9 inches
I took my camera but failed to put my photo card back in from the computer. Darn! no photos to refer to or show my spot that I painted at. It was a bit hazy and the love how there is such a change in the lighting.
That rock in painting #1 was very interesting because it looked like an Italian desert cake with all those slim layers, very fun to paint, I tell you what!
painting #2 on Arches #140 cp 7 x 9 inches
I was barely being able to “see” the values and shapes, I was having fits thinking that I was messing up. Almost 75% in, my artist eyes kicked in, always seems to happen the same way each painting session.
painting #3 on Saunders 200# 11 x 14 inches
Finally able to start enjoying myself. I plan on coming back because this spot is the “land of a hundred paintings”. It is very steep and precarious getting down to this spot and I have already arranged to have my tree faller son-in-law install a rope system with his fancy knot skills. I plan on accessing this area in all kinds of weather and I don’t want to break a leg!
Learning Points:
  • Observe and know your light and changes in weather, it takes a constant awareness and plein air painting to sense the slightest change. It helps you to choose your colors and your approach.
  • Again, it takes at least 30 minutes for your artist eyes to kick in, be patient and don’t fret if it doesn’t seem to be coming together.
  • Be stubborn it will happen, if not, just have fun anyway.
  • Rocks can be difficult to follow, it is alright to improvise, just make it look artful.
Simply divine, taken just several hundred downstream


31 thoughts on “North Yuba River-Shenanigan Flat

    1. Lol! I worked for it! I kept wanting to give it up because it felt so “rough” until the later part of #2 and then bam….#3 worked so much better. I still am struggling with moving water. I love painting water and I am good at it with pastels but with watercolor, it is very hard. Thank you Jodi for your comments. 🙂

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      1. water sure is hard in watercolor – lol – I just realized how funny that sounds 🙂 but I know what you mean. And sometimes 3x is the charm for me too – so I get it! Kinda like the three bears – sometimes one is too tight, one is too loose, and then the third is JUST RIGHT LOL!

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  1. dawnmarie

    Painting number three really stands out. The colors are great, the water, the rocks. I really enjoyed seeing it! How far Were you when you started that one? Your artist eye kicked in real nice.

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    1. Oh I am thinking at least 45 minutes to an hour, I didn’t keep track of the time. It just floats away when I am painting. Thank you, I do want to hone in on painting water and rapids better. I think that I will be working hard on this for the rest of the summer.

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      1. dawnmarie

        You said about 30 minutes so that makes sense. You did nice water. That Aqua turquoise green blue that comes out towards you is a nice touch.

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      2. yep it didn’t start till about 30 minutes while I was working on the second one and then I was raring to do for the 3rd. Kind of exciting and yet nerve-wracking because I kept thinking I am going to mess it up, what if “it” goes away and I have nothing to give? lol yep, the wild, wild world of plein air painting! I do love it though…..I must because I go at least twice a week sometimes three times.

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  2. I guess I am partial to your rock paintings—the solidity, strength and peace, but still fluid and light. Studied Cezanne too much I guess. Keep up the great advice and work. I would love to share with my artist friend, but she’s not on Word Press. Your site is so clean and beautiful. Still can not get the hang of WP’s design tools—trying to change. Where are my artist TA’s — long gone. Liz

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you Liz for your comments, your friend can still access my blog and even comment if she feels so inclined. It takes a bit to learn to navigate around to “pretty” up your blog, just keep exploring and you’ll get the handle on it. 🙂


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