North Yuba river and Humbug Creek Confluence

Arches 300# rough 11 x 14 inches

A few days ago I plein air painted along the North Yuba river (imagine that!) at the confluence of Humbug Creek. The North Yuba trail runs along for about 8 miles along the river and I hiked in about 3/4- 1 mile to get here. I actually painted this painting to about 80% and then completed it at home.

My scene

I am realizing that more and more when I go plein air painting is that I can’t expect to totally finish a painting on site, especially if I want to build layers and the weather is not cooperating. It wasn’t cold but it certainly was cool and my layers weren’t drying fast enough.


my favorite of the three



these paintings were warmups andΒ unfinished because of the slow drying problem. I think that I will complete them to a simplicity and with an abstract flavor. I think that my favorite is the top left one.

Ah the river!
Clear, clear water

Learning points:

  • keep painting, it can only get easier
  • get out and paint en plein air, finishing up a painting in the studio would be more difficult if I didn’t have a knowledge of the area or scene that I painted.

17 thoughts on “North Yuba river and Humbug Creek Confluence

  1. dawnmarie

    What will you do when winter comes Margaret? Do you start missing the river scenes? I would. Will you still do watercolor or switch to something else? I enjoy seeing your trees and river scenes.

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    1. a good question! I have been thinking about a technique that I can get quite a bit of my painting done without having to think of layering. I will paint as long as it doesn’t rain or snow on me. With pastels it is the same thing. I painted this winter with my pastels and sometimes I went out once a week or at least once or twice a month. With watercolor, obviously it will be trying. I will have to explore this subject more and look to the British watercolorists for some ideas. I will definitely miss painting en plein air if I go a week or more without painting.

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    1. hehe…..I kind of like it myself, so fun finishing it up in my studio. Might be fun to see if I can pull the others together to a finish, not feeling like I have to but who knows. πŸ™‚ funny, it felt like another off day of painting but I thought what the heck….finish it up and see what happens. Thank you so much for your comments, they mean so much to me, you never know what people will like or not and when you hit it good, it feels wonderful. πŸ™‚

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