Inspired and no Creative place to go!

portrait from a past figure drawing session

Thank you Laura createarteveryday for encouraging me to draw my grandson, even though I didn’t come away with a successful drawing, I am encouraged to draw more. Being that my grandson is 7 years old, it is a given that he can not sit still for less than a minute. I have enjoyed figure drawing over the years and I do have a local group that I can attend but having spent so many of my Saturdays away from home, I became burned out.

I have decided that I need to get back to drawing howbeit, being a landscape, still life or figures, I know that it will improve my painting. After all, isn’t drawing the backbone to painting?  Thank you Laura! Oh and I have to include Rebecca’s blog rebeccaevanscreate because she inspired me so much today with her post thanking Charlie for July’s watercolor challenge. Even though she doesn’t mention drawing, her watercolor paintings of horses helped to remind me that it is important to have a good foundation of drawing skills.

12 thoughts on “Inspired and no Creative place to go!

  1. Wow Margaret this is fantastic, people are so hard, and this is great, I adore charcoal, I often draw with it and add watercolour, or oil, I really like the rough blackness it gives….drawing is so valuable, I like to use Kraft card for pencil work, that way a little white chalk or pencil can be added for additional dimension and interest. I do find I start with what will be a pencil only drawing, the next minute I am adding pastel, watercolour, or neocolor….I can’t leave things alone.
    You have a great skill with charcoal, have you done any more? Thank you for the link to my blog, I am feeling very flattered. ❤️

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    1. hehe….I am so sneaky, my grandson asks me about how do they make paper? oh boy, away I go….showing him watercolor paper and what and how and now he is busy doing art. lol I just can’t stay away! I think I am with you in that I don’t think I can leave a drawing alone, at least anymore. I love charcoal and again because it is bold, I can’t stand wimpy or ‘barely there’ (for me), so charcoal does it for me. I have a lot of charcoal drawings and sketches from at least 7 years worth of figure drawing sessions. I kept only the ones that I liked. Most of them are on newsprint but I have them. It was so inspiring seeing your post and it helped me to be spurred onto wanting to do some art and then right after that, Laura mentions drawing, well, I couldn’t help but want to get on that drawing boat….and you are welcomed! your art is amazing and never apologize or feel that you are boring people with your horses or rabbits because look at my fascination with rivers and the landscape. We have a local event that features draft horses and it is a 4 day long stint and at this event, there is an equine art show that is so fascinating to attend. Fun to see all the artists and what they produce, horses are never boring, that is all I can say!

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      1. He he, making paper ….now that brings back some memories, I used to make paper ages ago, I remember wiz zing pulp in a blender, and even hay! Then standing on a rocking thing with the pulp between mesh, to squish out the water, it was fun, not sure if I can remember the whole process, or what happened to the paper, it is probably somewhere. I do love charcoal, I like the smoothness, but I do struggle with gaining tonal values with it, so I usually have to grab some chalk to help me out….some of my charcoals are in my hare and dog files. I don’t tend to include my pencil sketches in my files ( top of blog) they are really rough, but a few I liked and neat ended up are there….probably more in horses, some pictures I put in my animal files have not actually had the fortune of being blogged individually. The last two watercolours I did were really very rough pencil sketches. I love that you have a draught horse show near you, including art, it sound like a big affair, I would love that 😀


  2. Wow Margaret!! Oh I hope you post more of these. Really well done, you’ve captured a terrific expression there and your linework is so expressive too. Thanks for the mention, I’m really glad to have inspired you!!! Boy I’ve been thinking about taking a bit of a painting break and focusing on sketches, may do that for awhile and Rebecca makes a great point, charcoal + xxx would be interesting too as I’ve never mixed it with a colored medium. Beautiful Margaret!! (Is one of your grandkids 4 too? I think I got them mixed up) 💜


  3. Great drawing Margaret and good luck with the resolution to draw more. I recently read an interview with a famous painter in which he was asked to rank key attributes of art such as color, value, composition etc….and he put drawing first! And if I recal correctly, he was quite abstract and painterly in his art. Keep going!

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