Time out for Relaxation and Play

reflection of leaf in the North Yuba

I’ll be picking up my grandson, Rollin, tomorrow to spend some time with my husband and I until Saturday. I did go out to plein air paint this morning but didn’t care for the results of my paintings. I had a feeling I should had given myself a rest day but I ignored it and chased the light. My paintings aren’t really all that bad but I am tired, so I decided since I am going to have my grandson over till Saturday, I would take a week off from art and rejuvenate my artistic self. I have been failing to take my mornings out on the patio to read my Bible and to meditate.

How did I ever allow myself to get on this “go get ’em” routine? I plan on paying better attention to my spiritual and physical self in the future.

Ah, gold in that river!

29 thoughts on “Time out for Relaxation and Play

  1. I hope you enjoy your mini holiday with your grandson 🙂 (and that you get back in rhythm with your Bible reading and meditation I know too well how important this is!). Looking foward to more of your beatiful art on your return ^_~

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    1. aww thank you! it is so important…..I saw your abstract, I wanted to read and write and post a comment but I am needing to rest some today while getting ready…..your art is so uniquely you, I encourage you to grow and be careful that you don’t judge yourself 🙂 you have a lot to share with your art, embrace it! even what you think are not so wonderful, part of the process. Okay….I better go!


  2. Absolutely I hear you M. Gotta take care of yourself and your family, and keep that Bible and meditation time too. These two images are stunners tho! Two thumbs way up! Are they both photos or is the bottom one a painting? Either way, incredible stuff. You are way talented. 💛

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    1. oh thank you! I will, in fact I laid down for a while and snoozed! yay for me! both are photos that I took when I was at the river this morning. I love the bottom one and that gold yellow is true color, amazing…..I think there is a rock beneath with that gold color. I plan to do an abstract based on it. Oh, it is hard to stay away from WP, I will cut my time down while I am “resting”…..

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  3. Beautiful photos Margaret – they could become the source for some abstract paintings when the time is right for you? I think you may be amazed at the yields of a week of rest, reading and positive introspection. I wish you all the best.

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  4. Hello Margaret! Thanks for sharing this wonderful photos. The second one looks like a painting at first look. Enjoy your time with your grandson and I hope you’ll have extra time for that much needed bible reading and meditation. 🙂 ❤

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  5. It is good to rest and replenish the well of creativity and passion. Fill the senses, live! Enjoy time with your grandson, Margaret. Lovely paintings you have been posting lately from your time outdoors, btw. Come back to the paints refreshed!

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  6. I hope you did enjoy the time-out and could find back to your inner middle. I know that feeling just too good and how important it is for us not to lose the balance. On some days (the better ones) I manage to find some kind of meditation in painting, too. But when I am not patient enough and not satisfied with my progress I tend to lose my balance – which is dangerous for me, because I become depressive pretty easy then. I try to have some breaks from painting but I don´t feel really satisfied then either. It is not that easy to keep the balance between ambition and inner peace – is what I found out for me. I have to work on that. The photos are wonderful and really inspiring. This clear water reflecting all the beautiful colors – amazing!!!

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    1. I understand what you are saying so much……I have been learning that balance but sometimes I get too impatient or down on my art and away I will go! no fun…..so I am trying to teach myself not to get impatient because I rather stay focused and relaxed about my art, mostly works but not all the time. I am back at it and hope to post soon. 🙂

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      1. It is always good to have somebody who knows about this feeling of inner strife that can appear so suddenly. I don´t know about you, but with me it always happens when i feel too much on the ´safe´side. I really hope to find all the balance I need in God, nature and art without the craving for perfection. Because on the other hand I know exactly that my art will never be perfect as long I lust for perfection. Happy painting. Margaret! 🙂

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      2. oh man….I have been struggling lately with this. In the Navaho tradition, a weaver of rugs will purposely put an imperfection in their rug to make it “perfect”…..we are only human and makes us vulnerable being aware of our imperfections….in cooperating it in your art (embracing it and allowing it in your work) can allow the viewer to grasp that in you. Imperfection can be very intriguing and loose and emotional…..something to think about. 🙂


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