Little Bear Lake Memories-World Watercolor #8

I had planned on working on my Intuitive Painting-Psalm 65 to get more into a meditative, prayerful attitude on my painting….but I guess I was pulled back to finish a painting that I started yesterday.

My reference photo
My painting! 13.5 x 15 inches Arches 140# cp

Keep in mind, that orange tree is not as sharp and vivid as it appears in the photo. I loved painting this so much, I did start it yesterday but ended up having to start all over again because I fiddled too much and on this kind of ethereal style, you can’t fiddle. I had a close mishap in which I bumped the table I was working on and my three tubs of water went splashing all over the place. I ended up with four good drops of water. Thank goodness, I caught it in time and no harm was done.

Close-up of one of my favorite areas in the water area.
My most favorite spot….looks like a forest within a forest

This kind of painting is so me that I can’t tell how much. I would like to learn more color combinations but I tried to stay close to the three primaries but I would like to have more subtleties and more greyed down areas. In the past, colors like these were too “fairy” for me but lately it is growing on me.

Learning Points:

  • Experiment! experiment!….I can’t emphasize that enough with watercolor.
  • Don’t feel that a painting is too precious or that you can’t re-do or start over, I am so glad that I have been learning this. No painting is so precious or that you will never get the same results, realize that, the sooner that you do, the happier you will be.




15 thoughts on “Little Bear Lake Memories-World Watercolor #8

    1. oh my I wondered what you would think because it is so out there and on the other end of your color scale. Actually for me it is pretty wild but I “went with it” thank you so much! I decided to go as simple as I could and yet give some presence to the scene.

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    1. I keep looking at it wondering ‘what the heck’ did I do? lol just so weird for me but I actually love it! I even decided to forgo all foliage except what you see at the bottom of the trees…..simplicity was my mantra with this one. Thank you Laura…..I wondered what everyone would think.

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  1. I love the way you’ve made the scene come alive! I agree it is very ethereal. The colours have a joyfulness about them and reflect the sublime beauty of nature. I think I like that forest within a forest part best 😀

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  2. dawnmarie

    Your last point about not being afraid to start over…so true. Life has been so much easier painting wise since I started with that attitude and am not afraid to scape! Good colors, nice simplicity.

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