July -World Watercolor Month #1

My contribution for #WorldWatercolorMonth will be two abstracts. I wanted to keep the Yuba River in mind while painting them. I always seem to love the color until it dries but that is the way of watercolor…sigh.

Yuba Gold Flow 10.5 x 14.5 Arches #140 rough

Keep in mind that blue is darker and richer, think Ultramarine Blue. I had a problem with globs of paint not mixing. All kinds of interesting problems but all in all, not bad. I decided to have another go at it:

Blood Mingling 10.5 x 14.5 Arches #140 rough

I think that I am drawn to that red, I decided to go bold and grabbed my red and had a go at it. There is a sad history in California regarding the Native people and the influx of gold miners and land hungry pioneers brought much misery and bloodshed. I didn’t paint this in mind of that history, it came to me after taking a good look at what I created.

I would include learning points but I am behind on my housework…plus I was also busy submitting 6 entries for a art show that will be up for two months. Wish me luck! Happy Watercolor Painting Folks! Go get ’em!


29 thoughts on “July -World Watercolor Month #1

      1. dawnmarie

        I have absolutely no idea. I thought I heard once that you can make acrylics act like water color but I don’t know if it was a dream or not. I don’t have enough experience in either.

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      2. Margaret, If you get some liquid acrylics you will get the effects you’re after. I used them on a couple of pieces on my blog in March 2015. They are figurative but you should be able to see the way the paint flows and blends. One is called dancing away the blues.

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  1. Margaret, if I could paint WC abstracts like this, I would consider myself “there”. This would be beautiful in an acrylic wash as well, maybe that link shows how, I know Golden fluid acrylics can be washed 1:1 w water with no compromise of the polymer bond. I’d imagine heavy body acrylics on WC paper would also work but depending on various factors, may need to be sealed (or maybe not) to the surface. Per the Golden tech I discussed this with. Good luck with your art show submissions!! Although you don’t need it. These two paintings are gorgeous and I do see the river in them, for sure, Margaret. Way to go!!! 💜

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    1. thank you Laura! I appreciate your comments so much, I have been doubting myself lately and taking it all too seriously. I think doing a couple of abstracts helped with that. Also, couldn’t I cut that water with medium and it would help it flow and help make the acrylic even more stable? I might have time today to try something out. Oh, I have Golden airbrush colors that I could use in abstracts! I might do that but probably should use it on 300# or yupo….now I want to experiment like you!

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  2. Beautiful mystical images. I am nor surprised that the act of making these brought out some deeper meanings for you. Working with these sorts of images makes one more perceptive and sensitive, which could just create a better world. All the best for that art show!

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