June WC #11-8 Ball Trail #2

I decided to plein air paint at the last-minute. I am so glad that I always have my supplies and equipment ready. This time around I sprayed myself thoroughly with mosquito spray but found it barely protected me, the mosquitos were out in full force. I was so intent on painting that I barely noticed though I did find that I scratched my knee raw while painting.

Painting #1 Fabriano 140# 7 x 9 inches

I made a mistake of taking photos of these paintings after I took them off my boards, it was difficult to make nicely cropped edges. This painting has many problems, the foreground was dark but I painted it too dark here.

#2 Arches 140# 7 x 9 inches

There is something that I like in this one, in particular the foreground mixture of warm and cool colors. There is more of a depth in this that I am failed to capture in my prior paintings June WC #9. I do believe that I was focusing so hard in trying to capture the light that I failed to build layers of foliage and trees to create depth. In this one, I worked towards it simply by making myself do it, I know that sounds weird.

#3 Arches 140# 7 x 9 inches




I really like how I was able to capture some of the trees in this (#3). I struggled with trying to bring some sunset-lit branches into the scene. They came out as lumpy masses. I think that I need to have a light, glowing watery mixture to pull it off.







#4 Fabriano 300# 10 x 14 inches

I made the big mistake of having two trees kiss in the upper right of the painting. I didn’t plan out the adequate space and as it was happening, I was silently screaming. I was having so much fun with the colors and within seconds I messed it up. Darn. I lost steam at that point and decided to call it an evening. I will simply turn it over and use the other side for another painting.

On my way home I spotted a fox eating fruit in my garden



My learning points:

  • Don’t allow the task of one difficulty to overpower the rest of the painting, in this case, my building up a sense of depth because I was trying for sunset color.
  • warm, cool colors against each other but not in equal portions bring drama and tension in a painting (correct tension)
  • No kissing allowed between elements.
  • Make sure when painting trees to give adequate room and planning to avoid having them kiss, very smart indeed.
  • Keep returning to paint this evening location until I get it and learn what I need to learn.
  • Take my mosquito spray in the future for back-up.

31 thoughts on “June WC #11-8 Ball Trail #2

    1. yep…..you should have seen me…..”oh oh…..OH OH” when I was bringing up my brush completing my tree. Classic! like watching two cars going to collide in slow motion. Hey, but once you are hooked, the mosquitos doesn’t matter. Funny sight though, had my pant leg hiked up, scratching feverishly and painting with my other hand. Crazy! you should try it out, just for kicks!

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  1. rulueashk

    I followed you here from Jaimie Whitbread’s blog, to encourage you to start posting to Instagram. Why? Because it’s my favorite/easiest place to follow the works of a limited number of artists– and I really like your plein air paintings.

    I hope to see you there!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Rulueashk

        Haha understood! Maybe just a favorite painting once a week. Make it easy on yourself. Minimal captioning, & go easy on the hashtags. 😉

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  2. Margaret, I adore your colors in the kissing trees painting. I’m wondering about an abstract from this piece? Although I totally understand wanting to paint on the back first. Man, your colors just sing! Love that. Your posts have me feeling like I’m right there with you. How many times have I been so engrossed in something and later realized I had a raw mosquito bite? I so hear you. Woo! Thanks for sharing your work and I really loved the little fox also. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love that little fox, I often see her around the place. I have two areas that I keep water for the birds and wildlife. I don’t mind the animals coming through at all and they can drink or eat to their heart’s content……just don’t try to wreck things trying to get to something….I have had that happen once. lol Now back to painting…..thank you! I scratched my knee cap raw but hey it was worth it, I had a blast. Nothing like plein air. I’ll think about it but those trees kissing…well, out you go! NO kissing allowed! lol

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  3. #2 is my favorite because of the extra felicitous foreground that suggest deep and shadows so good. This makes a good composition. But i love the other ones, too – they all capture the atmosphere really good. I am glad we don´t have too much mosquitos here, yet. I am still hoping for some better plein air weather to get really started with painting outdoors. I tried to paint in the rain, but it was not working too good with watercolors.

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  4. I do like these paintings, especially #3. I also enjoy hearing about your plein air experiences. Bears, mosquitoes, foxes…what next! And I agree with Charlie. You should make videos. I would definitely watch.

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      1. I don’t know if you saw my post about “Art for a Cause” — it’s an older post — but it’s about a group of artists who went to Africa to raise money for the fight against poaching. I visited their websites, and their wildlife art was spectacular.

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