Return to the Middle Yuba- June WC #5

I went back to the Middle Yuba for some more torture…no, I mean painting! My daughter and I wanted to take her dog and hang out at the river, swimming and relaxing. Of course, I had to take my watercolors to have another go at it.

Middle Yuba
#1 painting 7 x 9 Arches #140 rough
#2 painting 7 x 9 Arches 140# rough
#3 painting  5 x 7 Arches 140# rough










I picked up my 7 year old grandson today to spend the weekend with me. With my husband gone on a fire assignment and having just Rollin to look after, we are going to have some fun! Hike, rest my eyes and have a little hiatus from my art angst. I planned on posting two times a week, Saturdays and Wednesdays but I wanted to get a good start on our hiking adventure in the high country, so I am doing this post today.

I have been losing a little steam and feeling very negative about my paintings. This does happen to me now and then and I think after my trip to the Sierra Buttes, it hit hard. The painting experience at the Buttes was wonderful until I got home and took a good hard look at my paintings. Then the left brain came alive and did a pass on the double yellow and spun some dirt and gravel leaving my right brain behind!

I feel as though I am in a rut and am doing the same kind of paintings over and over. Is it my style or what? Why can’t I get it in my head about the basics of what I have been learning, I seem to be re-learning the same points over and over.

So, this is my last post until next Wednesday. I might not post until next Saturday to give myself a bit of a much needed breather. I think I have been too critical and castigating myself and I have been down this road before and I know how it is totally worthless to keep spinning my wheels over this issue. I need to take a break and gather my wits and rest.

Good news, my eyesight itself did check out to be alright though I do have a common condition that creates dry eyes. There are glands in the eyelids that contributes a oily substance that helps to make tears last on the eyeball. I was severely lacking in tears, long story short, I now have an on-going treatment plan. I should be seeing relief soon. Thank you all for the concern.

Now have a creative weekend everyone and see you next week!






34 thoughts on “Return to the Middle Yuba- June WC #5

  1. Margaret, these all have gorgeous Water and Rockery!! yes, that critical side is being a real pill!! you’re doing so much better work than you’re giving yourself credit for. Taking a rest, a break and relaxing… enjoying the summer days along the river. That sounds perfect 🙂 Glad you’re eyes are ok and you have treatment for the dry eyes. cheers, debi

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  2. I know your feelings, in my own way, too. A break is good for your creative juices and soul. I was having a bit of trouble with my mushrooms and I thought about losing the struggling part and learning to get more in the flow – relaxing with the paint and paint brushes. The Chinese way of learning not to FIX what we put down, but rather draw a bold stroke or light stroke – with purpose – and let that be – is a wonderful concept to study in this state, or when this state arises. It is the art of Chinese brush. You may want to look into that for a new approach! Instead of focusing on what is wrong, focus on what is right – and oh, so much you do is right.

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    1. Oh thank you! this really resounds in me as truth and a way for me to reassess where I am going and perhaps trying out new avenues. I really like what you said of the mindset and approach of the Chinese way…..I have a deep fascination with the Asian approach and view on things. Thank you so much! I will research that….:)

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  3. Margaret, these are gorgeous!! And what a fun weekend it sounds like you have planned. Cheers to the eyes on the road to recovery too! I really must have a talk with your left brain though and tell it to keep quiet. It really doesn’t know what it’s talking about. 😉 Your work isn’t the same except in that it’s consistently beautiful and well observed. 😍Enjoy the break and can’t wait to see what you’ll bring us back!!

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  4. Margaret, I love all three of these lovelies you’ve shared with us. Colors and light and light and light! If this is your style, we love it! It works! I hear what you are saying though and you’ve been producing a heck of a lot of work lately – more than many artists produce in quite a span of months. Maybe you are just a little burned out? So glad to hear your eyes are ok, I’m sure you must be so relieved about that. I am really glad you are taking a break because we’re about to see some even more beautiful work when you return, I’ll bet! Thanks for sharing your heart with us. We are our own worst critics, but trust and know that you’ve been blessed with amazing talents, friend! ❤

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    1. thank you! yes, a little burned out but I have noticed when I don’t take a break I can’t fend off that critical voice and then it bombards me. My grandson and I are almost ready to go out the door for our adventure….yay! oh, were you able to get your credit for my order? looks like they already shipped it. 🙂

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  5. So glad to hear the good news on your vision. I do understand, too, the bouts of “disillusionment” or “angst” or whatever we choose to call it. It so often represents a plateau, a place where we’ve temporarily “leveled off” and maybe it’s a point where we need a little breather. It can be a very good point, though, because it usually signifies that we’re ready to take a leap forward, not just a step or two along the way, but a great leap. Enjoy your weekend with your grandson, clear your mind of judgmental thoughts, and then come back to art with renewed enthusiasm and be prepared for new accomplishments.

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  6. Sorry to hear about your angst and negative feelings about your paintings. The ones you have posted here look so good though – I am surprised you are castigating yourself about them. I admire your willingness to try out new things and challenge yourself. But I know how you feel when you are uncertain which direction you are going and wondering if you have made any progress – I share the same feelings often. I hope your break helps you come back with a fresh perspective. Good to hear also that you have some treatment for your eyes. Jon

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    1. Thank you! I think that I have always have had that problem but it only shows up when I am tired. 🙂 I have been working hard on my attitude for years but it snuck up on me lately. I am feeling rested already and it has been such a wonderful break. I sometimes don’t realize how hard I am on myself until others mirror it back and I need this. But, time to march on and stop the self criticism.

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  7. I am glad to read the good news about your vision, too. And I think it is the most important thing. To be honest: i don´t know what you don´t like about your paintings. To me they look beautiful and they capture the mood of this beautiful landscape really good. But of course i know this feeling of being unsatisfied with my own painting results – i know it too good. I tried to have a break from painting when it hit me really hard the last time. But the break did not work for me -it was making me even more unhappy. So now, when ever i feel a bit depressed about my painting results i just try to paint (something) different. It is so soothing and relaxing to see the watercolors run down and mix with each other and it is inspiring. It is just painting for the painting experience – not for the result. My watercolors will never hang at the walls of the MET – so why should i care about the result too much. The most important thing for me is that painting is making me happy. It works for me.

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    1. You are correct and I love your attitude, yes, keep painting and look for different subject matter. I need to dig deep and prune out that part of me that wants to castigate myself because it truly isn’t who I am. I wouldn’t do that to my best friend….so why would I do that to myself? I will be putting such negative feelings aside and keep that brush moving. I really like this new term of yours. “keep the brush moving” 🙂


  8. Margaret, these are full of life and vitality! they are not overworked, you captured the lights in each and I would say, WELL DONE! I have similar angst over plein air watercolor because I want it to be like the Pros, and to look polished, and that takes a ton of practice with the brushes. Glad you found the answer to your health problem. Taking a break is good…this should be fun and work.

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    1. yep…..that is what I am striving for and yet even the pros have their unique styles from to loose to tight. I have in mind and not allowing my own approach and style has been frustrating. Thank you for your perspective 🙂


  9. A beautiful way to remember the special day with your daughter – the rocks are wonderful as is the water, nice richness to the scenes. I’m sorry to read about your eyes, I too had dry eye and the prescription worked wonders for me – I hope your treatment does the same for you. Oh my did I read here that you have been feeling in a rut about painting? It seems like we’ve been on the same wave length – I’m hoping that once your eyes are feeling better that you’ll be back at painting with a fresh outlook. Take care, my break did me good – yours will do the same.

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    1. Thank you Mary…..a “slap down” kind of rut….no fun! I am hoping to get to painting in a few days 🙂 is your prescription something with an oil in it? My eye doctor mentioned fish oil, kind of odd. I think that I have been dealing with this for a long time, it is part of the reason I got eye strain.


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