Rose To Be June WC #3

I should had skipped this Saturday posting but I couldn’t resist painting. I will rest after this, I promise! Oh I need to tell you that I am joining along with Charlie and friends for a nature hike and will include posts that pertain to nature for the month of June. Hop on over to check out  Charlie’s blog for the juicy details.

I didn’t feel up to a tight painting project because I need to rest my eyes from intense staring. I chose a photo of mine that I had taken of some single roses taken at the Empire State Mine.

my photo reference
7 x 9 inches Arches 140# CP


I realized after a few projects that I need to purchase a special collection just for flowers such as a vibrant pink. My reds won’t work for pinks likes this. I decided to go loose anyway so I can do what I want! even if I want to flatten out the flowers, it is my painting, my way. I didn’t pencil this out at all, going for “let’s see what happens” kind of painting.

You may ask why being a perfectionist such as myself enjoy painting loose. I can say that it takes far more patience for tighter paintings and I do tackle them but it is far and few between. I have noticed that with a tighter a painting project, it often fosters that need for perfection in me. I have found that when I do paint tighter, my approach has a loose attitude to the painting. I will take it slowly and enjoy it but when I paint loose, I feel like a little child set loose in the redwoods or on a beach. I feel like I can run up to the trees, take in the environment, kick up some sand, etc. I am using analogies here but this is what painting loosely means to me. You never know what you’ll get and the mysteries of watercolor allows for this wonderful discovery.

My learning points:

  • I need to purchase special colors for projects such as flowers.
  • Letting go is so fun!
  • Allowing little pockets of white here and there gives life and sparkle to my painting.
  • I am really liking the freedom of painting loosely, this is coming from a perfectionist!
  • I decided not to worry about the not so perfect spots in this painting, it is imperfect, so what?
  • I am learning that the “accidents” that watercolorists avoid such as blooms, areas that dry with a hard edge, etc….again, so what? I don’t see these as imperfections but a part of the painting, unless you are going for super realism, it wouldn’t work.
  • Walking on the loose, devil may care side of painting is kind of addicting!
  • Using a large brush on such a small painting really is fun and again, loosens me up, I used a 24 round Princeton art brush.
  • Let watercolor be watercolor, discover the mysteries and surprises that this medium has to offer, don’t be afraid, go on an adventure!

Colors used: permanent rose (Winsor Newton), quin. red, ultra. blue, ultra. turquoise, quin. gold and lemon yellow, all are Daniel Smith glorious colors. I am a fan of DS. I am trying to use up my other brands, so permanent rose was allowed to play with Daniel Smith colors this go around.

25 thoughts on “Rose To Be June WC #3

      1. silly me….don’t laugh, I am finding that I am not sure how to tag this to link up with your post. I see where I put in “#NatureDoodlewash in that tag….but how to tag? lol oh my I feel stupid in asking but I have to!

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      2. Hehe… it’s not as straightforward on WordPress as it is on Instagram. Just add #NatureDoodlewash as one of the tags in your post. Then I’m also following that tag in my Reader so it will pop up! That’s how I see who has participated here to include them.

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  1. I love your attitude Margaret! Oh it’s so refreshing and enlightening and it really does make me wanna take on the July WC challenge. Love your colors in this, they are grabbing me by the collar! Love the way you are setting yourself FREE in the medium. I also love it that you’ll be resting your eyes and isn’t it wonderful when it’s hard not to paint?

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  2. love your Points! great eye popping colors for the flowers! reminds me a bit of Emil Nolde’s work. colorful, bold, loose and free!
    quick recipe
    for the photo rose pink: DS quin. rose + white + DS hansa yellow LIGHT (or winsor lemon py175) and a load of water.
    mix the rose + micron of the yellow. add white. add water and keep testing… til it matches the flower. I am, SURE, that these 3 will create the color you want!!!! no need to buy anything if you have these colors 🙂

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    1. Thank you! I will check and see if lemon yellow is similar to those yellows you suggested, I think that lemon yellow is a cool yellow and transparent. You say white, you are talking about body white? I will have to play around with the colors…..

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      1. if it says ….”Lemon Yellow” it is Not! its not a great mixer at all. imo. needs to say, hansa yellow light, aureolin, or winsor lemon. py3 or py175 to get the best florals!
        white watercolor or gouache will do.


      2. darn….I wonder why, not all transparents are? 😦 I will have to keep that in mind the next time I shop. In fact, I’ll going to write this down right now so that way I remember to get it next time. Thank you so much, my “go to” person 🙂

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      3. I’d have to look at that tube.
        To see the # but…. every single Lemon Yellow wc I used has been a disaster mixing.
        the ones I used, that I thought were supposed to be transparents when I researched, weren’t.

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  3. I agree with you so much, Margaret. What you wrote about `loose painting´is a wonderful description and i could copy and paste it to my own thoughts about it. And so are your `learning points´. Your interpretation of the rose is just beautiful and a perfect watercolor. I am a little worried about your eye problems. May be you could change to larger formats so you don´t have to ´stare´at your painting too much. My eyes get tired too sometimes – but it seems to be more from starring at the computer screen than from concentrating on a painting. It would be a horror for me to force myself to rest from painting because of eye-problems. So i decided for less computer and more painting. I guess i will join you guys on Charlie´s nature hike in June. I really like his blog so full of inspiration.

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    1. Thank you Carsten! I do think that the computer has caused my eye strain and that means I have to limit my detailed work, no worries, I have an appointment with the eye doctor this coming Friday 🙂 thank you for the concern. So good to hear that you will be joining us on Charlie’s nature hike, the more the merrier!


  4. Beautiful rose. I think this “looser” style really suits you. There’s a feeling of happiness that comes through in your paintings. Watercolor can really be exciting when we learn to “let go” and stop trying to control it. I’ve been learning that same lesson. I’ll miss your rocks and rivers, but it will be nice to see flowers from you, too.

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    1. I think you are right, even though I enjoyed painting a few tight pieces, I don’t feel the artistic flow as when I paint loosely. I prefer loose and it does make me happy. 🙂 by the way, I am going to go paint a “big rock” this week, stay tuned! 🙂

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