Rose or not? June WC #2

I am going to post an extra post just because I need some feedback on these abstract/loose roses that I had painted yesterday. It was very enjoyable but at first I wasn’t sure about it until the creativity side of my brain kicked in…I love my right brain!

7 x 9 inches ArchesΒ Β 140#

The background does not appear so blotchy, keep that in mind and it is about 20=30% darker….it makes the roses pop. That blue in the center of the rose is not as blotchy or vivid as it appears in the photo.

My thing is the center of the rose has hardly any shape but I love the over-all feeling to the painting and the fact that I tapped into the creativity side on the last half of the experience says a lot. I want to get on that side of the painting experience more and more.

Any suggestions? Should I leave this as is and call it good (or bad)? Does a rose have to look like a rose to be acceptable? is this an abstract? give it to me, don’t be shy.

36 thoughts on “Rose or not? June WC #2

      1. I would love to have that “looseness” when I paint flowers. Mine just end up looking like blobs of color 😦 Yours are so graceful and soft. To me, that’s real artistry.

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  1. Echoing all the others – it’s beautiful and needs nothing further! It has luminous colour, lots of texture and granulation, and clearly suggests a rose. Unless you’re going for a botanical study, this is how I like my watercolour roses – loose and romantic, which is the essence of a rose after all!

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