Daring Watercolor #23 Final

What an amazing journey this has been and I have learned so much. I do feel that I enjoyed the plein air painting the most. My favorite paintings were the iris here and the abstract Yuba Flow . I ended up enjoying painting en plein air with watercolors more than with pastels. In the past I was literally afraid take my watercolors out to paint because of what I discerned as a high level of difficulty.

Why I love to paint with watercolors en plein air

  • The experience of painting plein air with watercolors amps up the excitement of plein air. It is addicting folks!
  • Watercolors is perfect for the light and glow that I see in the great outdoors.
  • I can hike several miles to my location whereas with pastels I am limited in how far I can walk in. There is at least a difference of 15-20 pounds of lugging weight.
  • Every time I would take my watercolors to paint en plein air, I would connect and think about the great painters such as Homer and Sargent while painting. What an inspiration to think of these painters while I am out there communing with nature.
  • With watercolors I felt more in tune with the scene and the sensitivity of the medium, far more than with pastels. I describe it here more fully…watercolor sensitivity located under my learning points.

I will continue on with watercolors for the month of June. These are my goals:

  • Continuing on with watercolors in my plein air painting, I will always plein air paint with watercolors, that is now rock solid.
  • Paint at least one portrait or figure with watercolors a week or every two weeks, this will include animals or birds.
  • Paint on larger size paper.
  • Paint more florals.
  • Try out hot pressed watercolor paper.

Here are a few examples of portraits that I have done in pastel:

I am hoping to find an unique style with watercolors, not sure how loose or how tight I will get but my goal is accuracy in depicting skin color and attaining a likeness.

I will see you in June and I will be posting on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

31 thoughts on “Daring Watercolor #23 Final

  1. What an amazing post, Margaret! Your paintings are so beautiful and i am so glad to read you will continue the watercolor trail!!! (First i was a little bit afraid when i did read the word `Final´ 🙂 ) I can´t wait to see your paintings in June! The album of watercolors from May is just awesome! Happy painting! 🙂

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    1. lol yep Final for this month….actually I will be continuing with watercolor for many months. In fact, I am thinking that watercolor will probably end up being my medium of choice. As much as I love pastel, watercolor suits me better and I love it far more. Thank you for your comments Carsten! 🙂


  2. What an amazing month and incredibly beautiful gallery! I’m SO enjoyed following your journey this month, Margaret. 😍You created a wonderful body of “daring” work that you should be so proud of! It’s brilliant…. And yeah… I’m in LOVE with the Iris painting. 💜That one was my favorite!

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  3. What a glorious month of painting you’ve had, and I’m glad you’re going to continue. Seeing the paintings all together is very exciting for a viewer, and I’m sure it must be immensely satisfying to you. I’ll be looking forward to your posts in June. Your pastel portraits are awesome. I’m sure your watercolors will be the same. All in all, I’d say you had a very successful month.

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  4. So incredible. Inspiring to say the least! I love them all and feel fortunate to get to see your work as often as you post. Really beautiful colors, movement and love of nature…so impressive. Thank you for sharing so much!

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  5. Isn’t it fun to see them all together and in June I’m sure your journey will continue to provide lots of ideas and new experiences. The pastels are wonderful too and demonstrate such confidence. Maybe you’ll find a perfect balance between these two wonderful media. I totally get the difference, though, regarding plein air painting. The extra lightness has got to be a tremendous benefit, opening up lots of new opportunities, places to roam that might not have been possible when carrying the heavy pastel kit.

    Bravo and onward to June!

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  6. What an amazing collection of watercolors and I love your faves too! And OMG those pastel portraits!!!!!!!!!! Such talent you have Margaret! Looking forward to more more more! 🙂

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  7. wonderful, wonderful! great end of the Challenge post Margaret, great to see all the paintings here too 🙂 May 13 paintings were my fav. I think… lol Watercolors are a lovely medium for you, and probably way easier to lug off to The River to boot!! Thanks for all these lovely treasures! Debi

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  8. Oh, Margaret! Wow, what a transformation, you into the watercolors and them back into you, flowing like that river you love so much! Seriously, I am tearing up! Just amazed by what you’ve created here and your growth, growth, growth! And can I just say your pastel portraits have me in AWE! Seriously. You and your work are both amazing and I am so excited about what the month of June will bring for you! That iris has to be my favorite, but honestly I think my favorite thing about this painting challenge for you is to see how you went from duking it out to just flowing with the colors. I am so proud of you. Love love love! Congratulations, my friend! ❤

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    1. Thank you Laura! you have warmed my heart, it has been so wonderful because watercolor has been dear to me and I never thought I would have grown to the point of this mutual familiarity and love. I have so much more to learn and I have heard that about watercolor, well, art in general that it is never ending in the learning of it. I am looking forward to June and I think this wonderful relationship with watercolor will not end. 🙂 Oh and the big deal is that I allowed myself to put my paintings out there and not totally freak out! I have been so shy in the past and so hard on myself, this is the miracle, that I am putting my art out there for all to see (gasp!). thank you my friend for your congratulations and your comments (and tears!), it means the world to me. 🙂

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      1. Man, who said not to hide your light under a barrel (or something like that, bushel basket, I don’t know) – they were talking about you, I think! If anyone needs to show their stuff to the world, it’s you. I know it’s a challenge for the HSP, totally get that, but man. You rock, Margaret! The sky is the limit for you. Seriously. You worked hard and you’re reaping the rewards! And you are totally welcome! We are all humbled and amazed by your progress, watching you through your watercolor month. What a challenge and you smashed it! ❤

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  9. Congratulations Margaret – I’ve loved following your trials, tribulations and successes over the past month and am so pleased that you’ve reached the end of the month with the enthusiasm and drive to continue with the watercolours! Especially as it would be sacrilege not to continue to put into good use everything you’ve learned on the way! Brilliant work Margaret and here’s to much more of it!

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  10. I love them all! I think pastel is easier to use, plus I like to use my fingers to help blend. I am enjoying watercolor, but I miss the personal connection with getting my hands dirty 😉 . Are the pastel portraits of family members? I can see a lot of love was put into those pieces.


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    1. For myself I seem to feel more of a personal connection with watercolor. I think maybe getting my hands dirty has never suited me, though I do love pastel, especially portraits and plein air. 🙂 Let’s see, two of the portraits are of my daughter’s husband’s grandparents and nephew who died and my brother is the man in the rocking chair. Yes, a lot of love went into them.

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