Daring Watercolor #22

Mining equipment, ore car, rock crusher and stamp mills


I decided to go down to the Forest Service to paint some of the mining display equipment. My eyes really needed a rest but I couldn’t resist and silly me, why pick out difficult subjects to paint? I think that I need help….anyone hear of Painters Anonymous? Maybe I should do a group start up!

My two paintings were of these two items, the left “thing” is called a blower which blows compressed air into a mine. The ore car on the right was my second painting.

my first painting 4 x 5 inch Arches 140# rough
my second painting 4 x 5 inch Arches #140 rough

Oh my, I should had given myself a day off because these equipment pieces were very intricate and I decided to paint at mid day so the lack of good contrast was at its minimum. I did want to post this anyway because it was a good way to end my Watercolor Challenge for the month. I will be making a slide show of all my paintings during this challenge and my final thoughts, be looking for that hopefully on Tuesday. I will also talk about my upcoming challenge for the month of June in which I will be continuing in watercolor.

I wanted to include a photo of the dedication plaque of my husband’s boss. I always liked Dick Zembiec and his knowledge of mining and his understanding of the gold miners he dealt with.

My learning points:

  • Goodness sakes it is alright to take a rest, especially when my body is telling me to.
  • Learn to use that rough paper, perfect for dry brush, this was a golden moment that I allowed to slip away (darn my eyes!).
  • Learn to bring a definite three value play into subjects such as these.

30 thoughts on “Daring Watercolor #22

  1. Wow you aren’t afraid of a challenge, are you? Good for you, Margaret, and I do see the light in your work too, always great to see that, even with dark subjects such as this. I hope you get some rest for your eyes and enjoy your family this weekend. I’m dying to see what you’ve decided to do for June! I’d love to tag along with you if I can! 💜💛🎨. Sending prayers of love and healing for you, friend.

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    1. Oh thank you Laura! I wasn’t even suppose to be in here on a Sunday but I had to get a recipe and then I thought I would hop on over…lol yep…..I am still coming up with my plan and I have been reading Mary Whyte’s book on watercolor portraits, so I’m thinking. Thank you for the well wishes for rest and healing. I hope that you are resting! 🙂

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