Daring Watercolor #21

My scene on the Middle Yuba

I decided to go try out further upstream from the spot that I painted  Daring Watercolor #16 . I should had arrived even sooner because I had only about one hour of the best lighting.

My scene but closer up
My first painting 7 x 10 inches on Arches 140# rough
My second scene
My second painting 7 x 10 inches on Arches 140# rough

I have several areas that I don’t care for….on painting #1, there was a large amount of blue paint that settled in a valley and then dried, leaving a blue strip. On painting #2 the rock on the left with the shadows doesn’t seem to have enough value range and just “sits there”.

My learning points:

  • Fun to charge in Cerulean blue to watch it boss other colors around. So far the only color that I have discovered is as “bossy” is yellow.
  • Don’t be timid to put down bold dark passages and forego the typical watercolor technique of light to dark. With my squirrel hair mop saturated with water, endeavor to connect the shapes and watch magic happen. Fun!
  • Allow the colors to mix on the paper, charge the wet paper with color.


clear, clear water

35 thoughts on “Daring Watercolor #21

  1. Man, Margaret! So much to like about both paintings that it’s hard for me to choose. My first instinct was the second because I love the way you adapted the actual scene to make a more powerful painting with better contrast. But then I looked back at the first and it’s a very close second because I love all of the color and light and how you broke down a fairly complex scene! Seriously, you are rocking the watercolors, I am very impressed! Happy Memorial weekend to you! ❤️💙❤️

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    1. I know…..I am excited and my eyes are hanging in there. I am teaching myself to take care of them. I love your insights and exactly how I feel about both paintings. Yes, I did choose to go with a stronger contrast on the second one….I love watercolor! Yippee! lol Hey, check out this song….I have been listening to it over and over. http://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=kristene+dimarco+i+will+follow+you&qs=SC&sk=&FORM=QBVDMH&pq=kristene%20dimarco%20i%20willfollow&sc=4-29&sp=1&qs=SC&sk=

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      1. Wow, that’s really pretty. She has a haunting voice! Does that band have other singers too? My daughter used to be really into them but her voice isn’t familiar for some reason. I could see where you could put this one on repeat! Glad your eyes are behaving and that your paintings just keep getting better and better! 💛😎💃🏻👍🏼

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  2. I’ll check that out….by the way, I know that you’ll appreciate that song link on my reply to Laura up above…..I keep listening to it over and over…..love it. lol nothing to do with our discussion but hey, I am bursting with loving the song, what can I say? 🙂

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  3. Your paintings both have a lot of energy about them. The water seems to be rushing right across the page. These are beautiful, Margaret. I like the up-close focus on the rocks, but I like the first painting, too. I think they need to be kept together as a set. 🙂

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  4. superb compositions Margaret!!! wow! lovely use of your tonal values too! the CLEAR waters of the river…. really do make me not just ‘want’ to be there – i feel the ‘need’ to to go and sit, and BE with the river too. its a yearning! few places make me feel that. your river – does.

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    1. Thank you Debi! Now do you understand why I base about 75% or more of my work on the river? lol and the name of my blog? hehe I love it so much, I never seem to tire of it. If you hop a plane and be here by next week, you can come with me! oh well, enjoy coming along with me with my paintings. 🙂

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      1. I miss the summer Sunny days… few though they were. And … the rivers, clear and cold and beautiful. yes, I was born there. But overall I do not miss it. I would not move back. I do want to Visit though! what makes it hard, is being in a super hot, relentless heat climate of Perth. Sydney was more moderate and I loved it.

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  5. This is awesome, Margaret!!! You brought it to perfection. The second painting is great, but i really love the first one. It is so beautiful composed, loose looking and i love the way you spare out parts of the paper to create loose contours and light.Great!!!

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    1. Thank you Carsten! I took a different approach this time around but failed to mention it. I laid in the elements without drawing and I treated it like a puzzle, so I have sections of paper showing, or contours like you mentioned. 🙂


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