Daring Watercolor #20

Oh my I should had not started looking at art on the web because before I knew it I was itching to paint. Before sanity and reserve kicked in, I was painting, too late! I am going to do a short post with the newest painting. I am not sure if it is done, I am open for suggestions.

My reference photo
my painting 10.5 x 14.5 inches


I didn’t realized until after I took several photos, there is a wet spot in the back mountains…..disregard that.

Truthfully my only learning point today is not to look at art while resting and hoping to refrain from doing art. Ha! Oh I just thought of one!

  • Learn when the white of the paper is more brilliant than a light glowing color such as yellow or gold.

28 thoughts on “Daring Watercolor #20

  1. Oh this is splendid Margaret – I especially love how you handled the distant trees. And the light on the trees on the left hand side – pure magic! If I were you I would leave it. If I were me, I’d keep faffing and possibly ruin it’s freshness!

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  2. Margaret, oh please don’t change it! It’s brilliant!!! Love it! It shines and glows and I can feel the light and the warmth. It’s really wonderful. Wow! How did you manage this with tired eyes?! I don’t know how you do it. You are clearly in love with WC and I see the feeling is mutual!! 💛💜💛😎🌻👍

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    1. I don’t know actually, I just get in there and do it, I don’t fret or fiddle, and I take breaks and “go with it”. I guess I should had put some of that in my leaning points. I did feel tired afterwards, though my eyes are getting better, thank goodness! Thank you Laura for such wonderful comments and such a shining review. 🙂 it warms my heart. I do LOVE wc! love….love…..love! lol

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      1. hey, I was stuck on the fretting and fiddling for let’s see…..10 years off and on? I think?…..lol I guess I can learn after all! I caught myself a few times today wanting to fiddle but I held on those reins with a stubborn grip! ha!

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  3. the river green… is mesmerising! and the rocks amongst it look wonderful! your background trees are a perfect cool color that recedes too, I notice 🙂 I also noted there was no fiddle faddling going on, lol. so hard with this type of subject, I know. its a lovely painting Margaret!

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