Daring Watercolor #19

My trip into town to shop was a great opportunity to plein air paint. It was a bit rough because I have been experiencing eye strain so I had to deal with that. Also my scene is beautiful but better when the sun is just hitting the pond or evening light. It has the over-all “sameness” that can be quite boring at the wrong time of day.

Hirschman’s Pond in Nevada City
One of the many paintings for today


I wasn’t as pleased with this experience as with my paintings in the past few weeks. I have been running a bit ragged. I noticed that even hiking out to the pond was not as exciting it should have been. This is quite unusual for me because nature and hiking is top on my list for enjoyment. I made a decision that I’ll be backing off from daily posting. I will be continuing with watercolor as a challenge into June and July but I will only be posting twice a week, more if I feel up to it.

At least one thing positive about today was that I had a fellow blogger in mind while I painted the pond, whose watercolors I admire. I had asked how he does his water so well, how he accomplishes this. He had told me that he uses a lot of water to paint water! Of course, it makes perfect sense! Check out what I mean: brushpark-watercolors- Carsten Wieland

I think that I didn’t do much service to my painting keeping his techniques on my mind but considering how tired I have been feeling, I decided that it wasn’t all bad of a painting day. There is always the rest of the week.

My learning points:

  • It is alright to take a break of a few days or more to keep in tip top shape. No shame in taking it easy now and then.
  • No stress if the scene is boring or ho hum, enjoy the experience anyway.
  • Some days I will not connect to my scene, perhaps another day.


20 thoughts on “Daring Watercolor #19

  1. Sorry to hear that you are suffering eye strain and that you haven’t been so pleased with your paintings. I think they look great. Very free-flowing. I follow Carsten as well and love his water colours of tumble down buildings. Will miss your daily posts!

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    1. I will start back up as soon as my eye-strain is better, I am hoping soon. I think that my being tired and having eye strain kept me from really analyzing my painting correctly. Like being seasick and not realizing that I caught a beautiful string of fish! lol I picked that analogy because I have done that. 🙂

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  2. I love that first painting Margaret! so very, John singer Sargent!! 🙂 yes. take a rest. It will rejuvenate you!! 🙂
    this is hard work.
    going out. hiking, collecting. painting. then, redoing them. then… trying to write! Its a good half day’s work…. *we should get paid for this!? LOL I am Laughing as I type this! hahaha I’ll finish the next 6 days of May. but, I’m pooped!

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    1. Hey, didn’t you know that the check is in the mail? lol not! I am going to stack up that rest because I am going plein air painting on Friday…..and it is going to be mar-ve-lous! I have to decide on somewhere that will rejuvenate me. Thank you for your comments! but really…..John Singer Sargent? get out of here! lol

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  3. I think these watercolors are very lovely, Margaret. The colors are soothing and relaxing. The first painting also has a beautiful “light” about it that makes the scene especially inviting to me. Please remember to enjoy your painting challenge, but not at the expense of your overall well-being. Rest is as much a part of the creative process as the painting itself. It’s a cycle. We dream, we do, we assess, we rest. Skipping any part of the cycle weakens us.

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  4. Such beautiful watercolors…I think that first one is particularly successful in that it sparkles with light! 😍And enjoy your break!! You deserve it…your posts are so well thought out and complete, I have no idea how you did that each day. But glad you did! Love your posts and your work. And will look forward to the wonderful surprise of seeing them pop up when you do post!

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  5. Oh Margaret – you should be THRILLED with your paintings. I ADORE the first one! Just jumped off the page with light and happiness. take the break you need. We’ll be waiting 🙂

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  6. I like them both, wouldn’t be easy to pick! I may have to go with the second because of its softness. I totally understand the pooped thing. And you do need to take care of your eyes, for sure, and yourself! The scenes you are doing take loads of thought and energy, I don’t know how you do it! I need to change my blogging schedule too. It’s an ongoing question of how and when and I never seem to get it completely resolved in my mind or in reality lol. I get it though. I really like both of these, Margaret! 💜

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  7. Aw Margaret, I know of what you speak! Sorry to hear your eyes are still not right. I take regular breaks like this – I don’t even plan to, I’m on a crest of a wave – then I have no more left, so I withdraw, stay quiet and spend time in my garden. Enjoy your time – all you’ve learned will distill and consolidate, so when you come back you’ll be ready.
    Lovely paintings by the way.

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    1. I normally do that as well but didn’t realize that with this challenge I overlooked that entirely. I learned so much on this challenge and it has taught me a lesson not to bypass my instinct for self preservation. 🙂 thank you for your comments and encouragement, it really warms my heart.

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