Daring Watercolor #15

I wanted to start this post by saying that this challenge of mine has been so amazing, a challenge that definitely has lived up to the word but for me in a very positive and growing way. My blogging buddy artists Laura and Debi have joined forces with me or did I join forces with them? It has been so exciting and encouraging to have artists who rally behind me and with artist cyber arms hugging me along this journey.

In this challenge I have met many other artist and non-artist bloggers who have really inspired me. I read a post by one such blogger and I was intrigued how much of what she wrote coincided with my feelings and my journey in art. She has such a gift of expression, of writing that I had to share her post Moon in Capricorn  Amazing insight and I felt inspired and wanted to share it with my fellow bloggers. Be sure that you read her post.

I have decided to go back and start on a painting that I had started about two years ago. It is a 11 x 14 watercolor that I am taking very slowly but I think I lost steam because of

  • intimidation…can I do it?
  • how will ever handle all that expanse of water?
  • is this the correct way of handling a large watercolor? I am not doing washes but taking the painting section by section.
  • doubt as how to proceed stopped me in my tracks


P1000471 (2).JPG
My reference photo
The painting

I have decided to not stress about this painting, it will be a great way to push into the hinterland of discovery and learning. Today I will be figuring out my colors, I think that I had sap green at the time I had started this painting but I know I can match the color. If anything that I inherited from my father, is a keen sense of color and mixing exactness. My father was a commercial house painter who worked for a company that painted movie studios and also actors’ homes. He use to mix his own paints from scratch. It was amazing watching how he would match his paint to the sample. I never knew I had this talent until I started painting in acrylics. By instinct I knew which colors to use to mix to the color I saw or wanted.

I’ll be posting updates as the painting takes shape. Since it is a long project I am not sure if I will be painting on this solely or working on other paintings. I will continue to paint in plein air and post those. Wish me luck! Any suggestions, feel free to comment, don’t be shy!




33 thoughts on “Daring Watercolor #15

  1. That’s awesome! Can’t wait to see what you’ll do with this one. And super cool about your father… I bet you did pick up a lot of wonderful ideas from him on mixing. My suggestions all begin and end with “just go for it” so I’ll leave the real ones to the pros! 😉hehe

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  2. I’m truly honored to be mentioned in your post, Margaret. I’m so glad my thoughts about this “journey of art” touched something in you, and I hope others might draw a little inspiration from it. Thank you for sharing it. I certainly understand the “intimidation factor” you spoke about and all the questions about how to do about it. It looks like you’ve made a beautiful start, and I look forward to seeing the painting as it progresses.

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      1. The only way to roll! that brush as well. 🙂 I wished I discovered this years ago instead of all that angst and anger because my painting wasn’t going well. I am in such a different place with my art now, truly a blessing! finally!

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  3. Man. We are blessed on WordPress. Can anybody say amen? This is a great little community we have here and you and Judith are perfect examples! I tend to be so picture minded when I come into WP that when there are pretty pictures to see, I don’t concentrate on the words enough but J’s post was great and I’m learning that art is as much about self-discovery, self-awareness, as it is about anything else. What is my vision, what is my outlook and how can I just let that burst out of me in colors and shapes? Who can I help along the way? How did this make me feel, how will it impact my viewer? So many questions and so many discoveries. Margaret it hasn’t even been three weeks and you’ve grown so much, I’m amazed! Love hearing the story about your dad and I agree, you definitely have his talent for mixing. Your colors (and shapes) are absolutely beautiful here and I can’t wait to see where this painting takes you. The word journey may be overused, but here I think it’s appropriate. Every painting is a journey. Often, even we don’t know where we’re going, but it will find its way and so will we. And that’s what art is teaching me. Lovely work, and so glad to be sharing this road with you, my friend. Judith, you too, if you’re reading this! 💜💛💜

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    1. Amen! sista…lol Yes, definitely I have grown but with the help from you all! this has been all of us loaded up in a vw bus with flowers painted on over it with “our journey together” written on it! Well, that is what came to mind. So fun and I am finding out that I am loving the slowing down process with a few dashes of patience, peace and joy sprinkled on top. yep….it is a great journey. I am so glad that I have met all of you and having ran into Judith’s way for words. Here I thought I was the only one! duh!

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  4. Your cool water looks inviting, Margaret! 🙂 I just went for a warm walk in the sunshine… It is very interesting how your dad could mix his own house paint colors and match them with the sample card. Very impressive! It is wonderful that you inherited this gift from him. I look forward to watching your progress with your painting. I know you will make it FABULOUS, like you always do! 🙂

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  5. This is going to be SO FUN to watch this painting evolve! Yay for your Margaret! And an “Amen” to our buddy Laura! 🙂 And your brother’s comment is so sweet. My hubby and kids read my posts every day – it is such a fun way to share – and keep us “honest!” 🙂 Happy painting! I’m so excited for you!

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  6. Wishing you more than luck but the ability to just use your given talents – looks like you’re off to a fabulous start and your work of art will be BETTER than the reference photo by far. Interesting to learn about your dad and how you picked up his ability to mix colors. Well done to you!

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