Daring Watercolor #7

My reference photo of a neighbors Iris

I worked as slow as a sloth today and I think it suits me far better. At least it is more fun and I wasn’t working as though my pants were on fire, that is always good.

I tried my best to match my photo up my painting. Only difference I would say is that I almost matched my purple to the purple to my photo reference not as you see down below. I took it slow and easy. I spent up to an hour in searching for my subject and drawing it out. Now that is something, at least for me, the “rush and get it done” kind of gal.

Here is my painting….the size is 7 x 9 inches. The colors used were: cobalt blue, permanent rose, quin. gold, lemon yellow, lunar blue, and french ultr. blue.


The blues in the background are darker and not so strident blue. The whites are whiter on my painting than they appear here.

I worked slowly and built up my layers, saved my whites and I also was careful that I didn’t hold my painting as lovely or precious. I pretended it was just an ordinary, no consequence day to make sure I didn’t get too carried away with the process. This attitude kept my mind engaged in the job in front of me without tricking myself into loving it too soon or for me to get caught up in the excitement; therefore rushing it to a finish because it is so darn fun. Oh, the silly things I do to get the painting done slowly!

There are some blatant fixes that I need to correct. For one, that light area on the upper right is too light, comes off too white. I will go back in and darken that area. I might do it today before quitting. In fact I should had done it before posting this, oh well. Gives me something to work on.

I wished that I was more careful with the mouth of the Iris with that beautiful yellow beard. I am tired and satisfied that I slowed down! Imagine that…..wonders never cease.

48 thoughts on “Daring Watercolor #7

  1. Margaret, I think this painting is amazing!! I wouldn’t change one thing. It is lovely! I think the area in the upper right adds to the allure, and almost acts like a mirror reflecting back on the flower. Not sure if it makes sense but I love every speck of this! Well done!

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      1. oh I don’t know Laura….should I be? lol I am still in my “oh sucks, it’s nothing” attitude. Yes, I am very pleased! but now I am wanting to get very intricate and delicate…..haha! You know I don’t let people on that I have a tremor (all the time) but it doesn’t affect my arms or hands….thank the Lord for that!

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      2. Well, you sure pulled it off right here, and this isn’t a huge painting. Imagine how detailed you could be if you decided to work larger?! The sky would be the limit! Margaret, this looks like paintings I’ve seen in books I checkout from the library! I really love this! Glad you’re pleased!! Do you do lots of work with florals?

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      3. No I haven’t done many at all but I have always wanted to do florals because, well….I love them! I think landscape is my favorite and then the florals probably. Maybe the florals will take over! Flowers always remind me of my mother who passed about 11 years ago. So, again, I believe that painting subject matter that you truly love is the first secret to success, at that is what I feel. So funny how you view my painting in such a positive way because to me it looks “rough”. Though I must say I felt very confident all the way through with this one. I want to work on getting looser but I think that once I get it all ironed out, I will.

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  2. This is gorgeous, Margaret. I love everything about it. Flowers are so beautiful but so complex. You’ve done an incredible job with this lovely iris. The colors are soothing and restful, and the background sets it off nicely.

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      1. oh actually I didn’t upload the newer version…..but if it looks good to you, hey, it’s all good. lol oh thank you! I do feel that I “heard” the muse. You’ll develop it! I should had gone into it more on my post that I turned off the criticism or “how do I do this?” I plugged away slowly with a full intention to nail it. I think if you were to approach each painting with an attitude, you’ll see results. Learning under the “gun” is hard, just follow your heart and hand, you’ll see improvement. 🙂

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      2. My brain isn’t functioning this morning, obviously. For some reason I thought it was the background area you planned to change, and when I went back and looked a second time, the background looked darker. My eyes and my brain must be playing tricks on me. Either way, the iris is beautiful.

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  3. Really beautiful, Margaret. I would stop now, as the painting works as it is. My suggestion ( and who am I ) would be to put the photograph away and look at your painting for a while without it, and just see what it does for you. Restraint is the key.

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  4. Margaret, it’s lovely! I can completely relate to so much of what you were saying, and thinking to yourself while forcing a slow down. Well done! I especially like the color mingling in the shadow on the top right petal. Did you paint the whole flower a pale purple to start, while saving the whites, or did you work one petal at a time?

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    1. I treated the entire painting as a jigsaw puzzle because I have found that sometimes I chase after those washes and then freak out and my slowing down goes right out the window. Plus it allowed me to give certain areas the chance to dry and also to see if I need to adjust the values or what I needed to do. 🙂

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  5. Watercolor #7 is daring and is a great painting! I think the detail of the mouth is fine the way it is and you did take enough care with that delicate part of the painting. If anything it deserves a title. Perhaps “Iris in Purple”

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  6. letsgetreal2016

    I’m sorry my comment came out wrong. My iPad is acting up. I think it’s become obsolete. I tried to say the gold in the center makes it glow.

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