Creative Here, Artist There



I had no clue on how to start this particular post and I wanted to go back once again and visit one of those creative moments that included plein air painting which is my passion. After a fantastic hike yesterday with my daughter, Amanda, I got to thinking that if it weren’t for her, my blog wouldn’t even exist! She has been my encourager “go get ’em” fellow artist. She is a creative and has just recently started venturing out into painting. I think creativity comes in all forms. I feel you are creative if you allow your imagination to run wild as you hike along a forest trail, as simple as that. Allowing your creative soul and mind to wander and explore to me is being a creative. Now just get out there and discover what kind of creative you are!

So, on this particular day back in May of 2012 I believe, I asked my fellow creative (and daughter) to come with me while I plein air paint. This location here is one of my favorites and there is quite a bit to explore. Located about 3 miles north of Downieville, it is a well known spot to fish and swim and also a favorite of the local bear. Often going down to the riverside I am cautious to not come upon a bear sunbathing or whatever it is that they do! Downieville is beautiful little town nestled around the Yuba river. It is infamously known for its hanging of a woman in July of 1851 for the killing of a miner. A young woman by the name of Juanita though in Wikipedia she is named as Josefa Segovia. Regardless of the name difference, apparently she was pregnant and a miner had harassed and attempted to assault her for several days. The town held a mock trial that found her guilty of murder and the mob then quickly proceeded to hang her from one of the bridges over the river.

My story must go on. Here is a photo of Amanda contemplating and writing in one of her journals. I do believe that she was working on one of her many stories that keeps her mind active; her mind never is idle! As you can see, she is “hanging” waiting for those characters and events to come hurling through creative space, sometimes you have to wait for the magic.


On this day I don’t remember all the particulars of what I struggled with but I do know that I didn’t like my painting until I got home and I took another look. Always seems to happen that way, hate it while I am working on it, wrap it up discouraged and then when I arrive home, I either still hate it some more or I love it. In this case, I was warming up to it and now I love it! I eventually set it as the background for my business cards! Setting aside the need to criticize and analyze my art is still an on-going struggle.

Now, for the unveiling of my painting! I decided to keep the background rough because I  believe that it gives it more feeling. The focus is the river and those foreground rocks. This is a pastel painting approximately 9 x 12 on PastelMat.


Another wonderful day on the North Yuba! I never tire of painting the river. The next photo is me and my easel. My trusty easel that has been through a lot of painting adventures, scrambling over rocks and in all kinds of situations. I just recently had several pieces of hardware literally fall off. I have been coming to the decision that I need to change out my equipment for something lighter and more compact. I will miss my easel and all our adventures.






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